Mephisto shoe technology :
innovation and tradition

The incomparable comfort, the perfect ergonomics, the unparalleled details and the unique Soft-air technology of these shoes, appreciated and acclaimed all over the world for their originality, guarantee you a walk without fatigue.

For long hours, with MEPHISTO footwear, you will feel fit and full of energy.



The secret of the exceptional comfort of MEPHISTO shoes lies in this innovative technology:

SOFT-AIR midsole, extremely flexible, flexible and durably elastic,

reduces the shocks inherent in walking to a bare minimum.

This is why the joints, discs and spine are protected.

You walk like on a thick and soft carpet and you feel,

even after hours, always in good shape.

The tired feet belong to the past...

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mousse amortissante mephisto                                            

A gentle walk

To adapt to the way of walking right, the human foot presents a great complexity anatomical and functional.

Thus, a quarter of the 220 or so bones of the human body are in the feet.

In order to protect the foot areas which, by walking daily in shoes,

are particularly sensitive to pain caused by walking shocks,

MEPHISTO provided each model with its SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY.

A healthy climate

Throughout the day, our feet are mostly confined to shoes.

This leads in many people to greater perspiration

- the climate inside the shoe suffers from a greenhouse effect:

excessive sweating, fungus or other foot diseases are often the consequence.

SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY, in combination with the natural leather of the upper and the lining,

permanently ensures a healthy climate.

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un corp sain    

A walk without fatigue

The shocks inherent in walking are a permanent pain for the whole body.

Walking on hard floors, joints, discs and spine

are exposed throughout our lives to these unnatural charges.

Special shock absorbers in the heels and a SOFT-AIR midsole,

flexible and shock absorbing, integrated into all MEPHISTO shoes and sandals

reduce shocks to a bare minimum.