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SANO, the ideal shoe,

when no more is suitable !

Intense research and development led to an exceptional shoe category: the SANO range of Mephisto!

For an incomparable experience every day, opt for the new walking technique of our SANO shoes and do not spend your energy unnecessarily.

Discover the SANO shoes :  For women   For men


The EASY-WALKING principle

To remain mobile or to become again, bet on the EASY-WALKING TECHNOLOGY of the revolutionary models of SANO.

Thanks to the characteristic shape of its curved sole, the foot movement is done naturally.

This property ensures a better posture and a comfortable walk.

Find the SANO EASY-WALKING TECHNOLOGY in all models of shoes for men and women.

Experience a comfortable and incomparable walk with every step.

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The sano walking technique

One in two adults suffers from joint and muscle pain.

The causes may be but rather similar symptoms: it is mainly the painful muscle contractions that strongly reduce mobility.

It is precisely in these cases that it is important to move. SANO shoes from Mephisto help prevent muscle and joint pain. Daily active use and reinforces the areas requested.


The SANO 2-zone sole

2-zone technology provides a feeling of lightness.

It provides support and minimizes the violent shocks inherent in walking.

Thanks to its curved shape and pronounced arch,

it contributes to good blood circulation and thus avoids the sensation of heavy legs.

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