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Mobils, the 4 comfort arguments !

Every year, many of you will be seduced by the MOBILS range of Mephisto.

This range, specially designed for large and sensitive feet is handmade for exceptional quality.

Its full quilting, soft-air technology, removable sole and extra width make your feet happy all year long!

The Mobils range of Mephisto allows you to adapt your orthopedic insoles in all of its models including sandals !

Check out all the Mobils benefits in the article below...

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The integral quilting

 The particularity of the Mobils shoes is their INTEGRAL QUARTZ

soft and comfortable. Indeed, its soft lining sensation "peach skin"

brings you unequaled comfort, and seamless!

Its association with Soft-Air technology and the MOBILS RELAX sole,

makes the Mobils range an exceptional range.

 Experience a comfortable and incomparable walk with every step.

     matelassage intégral mobils by mephisto


    technologie soft-air mephisto              

Soft-Air technology

Integrated in all shoes and sandals, flexible SOFT-AIR midsole

minimizes the shocks inherent in walking.

It takes care of your back while sparing your joints discs and spine.           


The extra width

All Mobils ergonomic models are designed with extra width and thus

offer more room at the front of the shoes,

for a perfect fit and incomparable comfort.

         largeur supplémentaire mobils mephisto


             semelle amovible mephisto

The removable sole

Removable footbed anatomically shaped improves the natural course of the foot,

reduces shocks inherent in walking and can be replaced by a suitable orthopedic insole,

in shoes as in SANDALS !

Do not wait to be good in your shoes ... adopt the MOBILS range of Mephisto!