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215,00 €

This luxurious and exclusive MEPHISTO men’s shoe is hand made in the high-end Goodyear style.

The upper, made from the best upper leather,

is joined to the permanently elastic Soft Ai

r brand sole and the surrounding leather edging by means of sturdy double stitching.

The outer or middle sole is then sewn to the leather edging.

This is what guarantees first class comfort and unbeatable durability.

This classic shoe fits perfectly from the word go and does not need to be worn in first.

The integrated Soft Air Technology ensures a gentle and effortless walking experience,

and the special abrasion-resistant GRIP profile sole, made of 100% natural rubber,

guarantees a secure grip on every surface.


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RangeGoodYear by Mephisto
WidthStandard width

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